Body Treatments

Indulge yourself with a body treatment to suit your mood. Choose from a relaxing massage to a balancing reflexology treatment.

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Body Treatment Prices

Relaxing Massage

  • Relaxing Back Massage – ½ hour: £35
  • Relaxing Body Massage – 1 hr: £55
  • Relaxing Body Massage  – 1 ½ hours: £75

The relaxing massage induces complete relaxation of the mind and body. Using essential oils this massage will leave you feeling relaxed or invigorated helping you to switch off from the stress and strain of everyday life.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage – ¾ hour: £45
  • Deep Tissue Massage – 1 hour: £60

This targets specific areas of strain and tension. Particularly beneficial for those who lead physical lifestyles or those with poor posture. The treatment can be personally tailored towards individual needs, to enhance athletic performance or increase recovery rates as part of a pre-event, post–event and injury treatment.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

  • Hot Stone Back Massage – ½ hour: £35
  • Hot Stone Body Massage – 1 hour: £55
  • Hot Stone Body Massage – 1 ½ hours: £75

This deep therapeutic massage incorporating warm volcanic basalt stones allows the body to fully relax, recover and repair more effectively.


  • 1 hour: £38

The ancient art of Reflexology is now a precisely defined form of complimentary therapy. Based on the principle that the Anatomy of the body is reflected in miniature on reflex zones across the feet (and also on the hands) it is a truly relaxing experience in helping to maintain steady health along with relieving most ailments. Treatment is usually performed on the feet as they are more protected from the elements and this makes the energy channels and reflex points more sensitive and responsive to touch. Conditions that may benefit from Reflexology are limitless varying from migraines, back problems and sinusitis, to digestive disorders and stress. A non-invasive completely safe form of therapy Reflexology offers a very relaxing and pleasant experience.